Drunken Shakespeare: MacDrunk - The Scottish Play

We've scheduled a fundraiser event in support of our upcoming season. It'll be drunken insanity! On Sept 9th, at the Buffalo Room, we're staging Macbeth like you've never seen it before.

We're going to name a couple of the actors as "designated drinkers." They'll start out the night with a few shots. And we'll make them drink at other key points during the show.

We'll also have a drinking game for the audience. And... we're going to take suggestions from the audience for drinking game rules for the actors!

Why call it MacDrunk and not Macbeth? Superstition, that's why! Why do this Shakespeare play first? Because people want to see Evel Knievel jump over 16 semis, not a Ford Festiva.

We'll post a ticket link soon. Tickets will be just $10!