Whim will Co-Produce "Lesbians Beyond the Fringe" on Sept 16

Whim Productions has signed on to co-produce Lesbians Beyond the Fringe, an evening of two theatrical works by Jamie Mayo and Diane Hightower. Join us at the Center for Spiritual Living on Sept 16 for this evening of works exploring the intersection of sexuality, innocence, shame, and love.

We'll present Jamie Mayo's storytelling piece Impenetrable Innocence and Diane Hightower's one act play The Last Michigan. Both shows debuted in this year's Kansas City Fringe festival.

About Impenetrable Innocence:

"What if the sunshine, undulating red and orange across your eyelids, slides down a little lower, lights a sweet fire in your belly? What if your fingers dancing across your friend’s arm light a fire down low in her belly? What if what makes you feel alive is cast into the shadows, staining your experience of sex? Can you find your way back to that light that first warmed your body when you were a child? I’ve got stories. Come a little closer and I’ll whisper them in your ear."

About The Last Michigan:

"Annie is driven to the edge by her cravings for physical touch; Michelle struggles to feel more confident about her cancer-ravaged body. What starts out as a carefree journey to the annual women's music festival of Michigan turns into unanswered questions about what makes a relationship work. This new play follows two lesbians deep into a forest full of feminists."

We'll have ticketing info and more details up soon! Advance tickets are $10 and tickets are $15 at the door.

Note: This is evening is recommended for Mature Audiences for sexual content and adult themes.