Film Classics Presents: Suspicion was the second production in the Film Classics Presents series. Presented in 2012 as part of the Kansas City Fringe Festival, this installment spoofed classic film noir movies with a bit of His Girl Friday  thrown in. This time around, the Film Classics Presents hostess was Faye Chantilly-Greyson, played by Chadwick Brooks.

Suspicion tells the story of Rachel Rochelle (played by Stefanie Stevens, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum; Working; The Fairy Princess DIE-aries), a wealthy socialite / aviatrix; her current beauCharles (Matthew McAndrews, The Salvation of Iggy Scrooge; Carousel; Zombie Prom) part of the Special Prosecutor’s Office; and her former lover, Marshall (Francisco ‘Pancho' Javier Villegas, Lucky Duck; The Wrestling Season), who also happens to be a smuggler. Add in mommy issues, a mysterious mob bossana shady clientand youve got the perfect recipe for Suspicion!

Stevens and Villegas were in the first Whim Productions show, Film Classics Presents: Heaven So Far. Also returning was Genewa Stanwyck, a drag queen regularly seen as part of the line-up at Missie B’s. Stanwyck starred as Mother Worthington. Rounding out the ensemble was Dana Joel Nicholson (National Touring Company of Book of MormonA Bucket Of Blood; Evil Dead: The Musical; Tribute to Pink Floyd's THE WALL) as the mysterious Fritz.