Film Classics Presents: Heaven So Far was Whim Productions' inaugural show. An original play by Kevin King, the production created the atmosphere that the audience was watching a Masterpiece Theater-style program, hosted by Carlotta Holmes (played by Kansas City drag icon, De De DeVille). Though the production spoofed the "housewife drama" genre, the fictional movie "Heaven So Far" was presented by Carlotta as a legitimate film of the '50s.

"Heaven..." tells the story of Victoria Perkins (played by Stefanie Stevens), a 1950s housewife, animal-rights activist and hostess-extraordinaire, whose life is forever altered by the arrival of Manuel, a traveling Mexican handyman (played by Francisco "Pancho" Javier Villegas) financing his journey to Canada. As Victoria fights to save the natural beaver habitat in County Park from the heartless actions of City Hall, Manuel becomes deeply entwined in the idyllic life of Victoria and her husband, Mortimer (played by Jeff Smith).

There's passion, drama, and lots of "winking" sexual innuendo (some stemming from the subplot about Victoria's efforts to save the beaver).

Film Classics Presents: Heaven So Far was the 7th best-attended production in the 2011 Fringe Festival and the Best in Venue at the Unicorn Theatre.


Praise for Film Classics Presents: Heaven So Far 

"Terse dialogue...wacky staging... very, very funny" - Robert Trussell, Kansas City Star

"Stylish…silly…funny" - Grace Suh, The Pitch