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The 2019 installment of Alphabet Soup: Stories from Queer Voices was held from April 12-21 at The Squeezebox Theatre. We enjoyed record crowds and were nominated as one of the best Cultural Events of Kansas City in the annual Best Of Awards in Pitch Magazine.

The following plays were in the festival.

Lesbians Definitely Not Lost in Space, by Diane Hightower. A freewheeling lusty sci-fi spoof. Directed by Andi Meyer. Featuring Stephanie Spalding, Diana Watts, Kater Tot, Makenzie Watterson, and Kyle J Tichenor. Set piece design by

The Great Defagging, by B.Michael McFarland. Upon the death of a friend, two men descend on the deceased’s apartment to defag the place before his mother arrives. Directed by Vincent Wagner. Featuring Stephen C Howard and Ricky Farrell.

Stretch, by Mark Mattison. Hamstrings aren't the only things being stretched as Fannie's decision sparks big changes for her and her son. Directed by Ile Haggins. Featuring Alli Irvin and Seto Herrera.

Nah, man. Totally., by Kevin King. Mortal Kombat unleashes surprises for two college dudes. Directed by Paul Hough. Featuring Austin Taylor Smith and Kyle J Tichenor.

Bite Marks, by Emily Swenson. Spend the night in bed with Maggie and her lovers as they play and navigate polyamory. Directed by Mackenzie Goodwin. Featuring Nicole Hall, Casey Jane, Austin Taylor Smith, and Vincent Wagner.

Nothing Without Me, by Isabella Tate. A young couple struggles to understand who they are as a pair because they haven’t accepted who they are as individuals. Directed by Melissa Trierweiler. Featuring J Leigh Dolan and Mitchell Flottman.

In Confidence, by Adam Yarbrough. In the 1990s, a doctoral dissertation focused on gay men has unintended consequences. Directed by Kevin King. Featuring Terraye Rugga Watson, Tony Sloan, and Karla Fennick

Light Design / operated by Claire McEwen
Sound Design / operated by Kevin King