Alphabet Soup:
Stories from Queer Voices

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Alphabet Soup: Stories from Queer Voices is a short play festival featuring the work of LGBTQ+ playwrights in the Kansas City region.

The third installment was held April 13, 14, and 15at MTH Theater, Stage 2 in Crown Center. 

 Here's the full line-up of plays: 

No Small Parts, by Isabella Tate, in which a trans actress is forced to justify her presence during a rehearsal;
Silenced, by Jamie Mayo, a spoken-word story of a woman learning to speak her truth during a visit home to her parents;
Spring Breakby Kevin King, which finds two married men on spring break encountering a young man on the prowl;
Some Specter, by John Adams, a pastiche of The Hardy Boys meets Scooby Doo as if written by John Hughes;
In ConXn, by Vincent Wagner, we see gay men "looking" on a dating app;
Harmony, by Christopher Steinauer, shows us kids on a play date facing questions of gender identity head on; and
Habitat, by Diane Hightower, in which a hamster gets an unexpected roommate

Click here to access a pdf of the show program.