Announcing the 2019 Alphabet Soup Writers!

alphabet soup.jpg

We are excited to announce the playwrights for the 2019 Alphabet Soup: Stories from Queer Voices LGBTQ+ short play festival!

For our 4th year, we’re producing the show over two weekends so you have even more chances to catch a performance. Performances will be April 12-15 and 19-21
at the Squeezebox Theatre (1519 Oak St, Kansas City, MO ). 


Diane Hightower 3
B. Michael McFarland 1
Mark Mattison 1
Kevin King4
Emily Swenson 1
Isabella Tate 3
Adam Yarbrough 1

notations indicate the number of times in the festival

Here's the full line-up of plays: 

Lesbians Definitely Not Lost in Space, by Diane Hightower. A freewheeling lusty sci-fi spoof;
The Great Defagging, by B. Michael McFarland. Upon the death of a friend, two men descend on the deceased’s apartment to defag the place before his mother arrives;
Stretch, by Mark Mattison. Hamstrings aren't the only things being stretched as Fannie's decision sparks big changes for her and her son;
Nah, man. Kevin King. Mortal Kombat unleashes surprises for two college dudes;
Bite Marks, by Emily Swenson, Spend the night in bed with Maggie and her lovers as they play and navigate polyamory;
Nothing Without Me, by Isabella Tate, in which a young couple struggles to understand who they are as a pair because they haven’t accepted who they are as individuals; and
In Confidence, by Adam Yarbrough. In the 1990s, a doctoral dissertation focused on gay men has unintended consequences.